Both designs have won the Italian A’Design Gold Award in 2017. Learn more:

In 2015 leading Chinese water dispenser brand Angel commissioned Envary to create a product design identity language (design guidelines) for its line of water filters, purifiers and dispensers. With global branding agency Landor, that initially created Angel’s rehauled brand guidelines, Envary stepped its foot into the branding process during the finalisation of the brand guidelines and collaborated with Landor to sensefully adapt the yet to be created product design guidelines, striving for maximum coherence between the two.

Not only accounting for Asia’s steady demand of water dispensers, the market for water filters is facing a massive surge due to the particularly high demand from Chinese customers, mostly driven by concerns about water hygiene and individual health. With the new brand infused product design guidelines Angel aimed to enhance brand recognition and value perception, profiting from a consistent appearance conveying strong scientific and advanced technological clues. Using top-notch filter technology and providing extensive customer-services across China, the Angel brand is increasingly dependent on a product that not just invokes trust and precision, but also tangibly provides it.

A few months later Envary was asked to also design Angel’s water dispensers and filter appliances for the mainland China market. Built upon a universally adaptive grid layout for the placement of different design and branding elements, the industrial design features a sharp-looking metal faucet with sandblasted and glossy silver surfaces. The shiny aluminium faucet nuancefully underlines the water-reflection inspired juxtaposition of the dispensers’ planar and curved front surface, while the geometrically modular platform-character of the form factor plays into the scientific brand-product appearance.

Envary tackled the product design development in various disciplines:

  • creatively shaping distinctive design and detailing directions
  • evolving the selected ideas into 2D design concepts, creating volume models and developing the initial 3D data
  • defining strategic color-material-finish directions (CMF)
  • developing and visualising compelling CMF concepts
  • further detailing and refining the 3D design
  • determining the best tactical design approach to tangibly enhances Angel’s products and improve the brand’s competitiveness
  • shrinking the product dimensions by thoughtfully optimising the spatial layout of internal components
  • defining Angel’s future use of material and interface technologies in conjunction to their manufacturing capabilities
  • re-thinking Angel’s previously used water dispensing interfaces to improve the UI design to be more user-friendly and accessible


With the first 2 newly designed products, a desk-type and a wall-type water dispenser launched in May 2016, Angel’s chances to further strengthen its upper hand in the market and withstanding the growing competitive pressures are significantly better. All success factors considered, Angel’s new brand look is getting incrementally in tune with the scientific look of its products.