Eclectic fashion label Tosen ( assigned Envary to develop its e-commerce platform, selling its sharp looking baseball caps to a global audience. The Hong Kong startup had no previous experience building up the infrastructure and systems that are required to run an e-commerce operation.

We helped the founders outlining feasible solution pathways to address typical e-commerce issues such as global payments, customer management, logistics/warehousing and inventory as well as sales management. The objective of maximum automation and an easy to use yet versatile administration interface would need to enable the Hong Kong startup to manage its sales with the least manpower possible, yet presenting its products as cutting edge as possible. A high-tech approach for a low-tech product. While also helping to clarify the potential costs of running an e-commerce business, Envary’s team was very hands-on to determine issues critical for the technical development as early as possible, ensuring the shop would function well with all types of users and mobile devices.

With a selection of e-commerce systems evaluated, Envary tackled the design and development of the fashion label’s online shop at from A to Z. The shop launched September 2016. With certain contents still being developed the website will gradually grow and evolve to offer a better purchase experience for customers around the world.

The following services were provided:

  • Needs and priorities assessment
  • Identifying content and technical e-Commerce requirements
  • Exploration of suitable e-Commerce platforms
  • Strategising e-commerce infrastructure
  • Articulating website strategy
  • Determining the cost impact of running an e-commerce operation
  • Due diligence of e-Commerce platforms
  • Planning of global payments, customer support, inventory, logistics, marketing and sales systems
  • Development of site structure
  • Mapping an optimal website interaction flow
  • Determining content types and content size
  • Scoping and technical planning (incl. responsiveness)
  • Creating design + development brief
  • Development of page wireframes
  • Page design and template layout
  • Design specifications
  • Web development
  • Usability, compatibility & bug testing
  • Refinements & optimisations
  • Content development / Production
  • SEO & content optimisations