Envary teamed together with renown American speaker and home audio brand iHome to creatively develop and refine the product design of iHome’s newly invented Kineta sound system, a portable bluetooth speaker with exchangeable battery packs that users can also use to power-up other mobile devices. In strategic assessment of various user scenarios, market positions and potential product experiences, our designers developed a sound product design and CMF strategy, empowering further design development of a contemporary and up-to-date styled speaker look.

The goal: the design would not just enable iHome to better market their product in the crowded bluetooth speaker category, but also give customers a powerful portable bluetooth sound system for indoor and outdoor usage. Throughout the product design collaboration with iHome Envary provided design strategy, design concepts, refinements, CMF strategy and CMF specs for several design variations. Consumer electronics brand iHome will launch its double powered Kineta bluetooth speaker iKN150BC in 2015.