With polluted water being one of the key consumption concerns of China’s population (but also other parts of Asia), leading water dispenser firm Angel Group Shenzhen (安吉尔) worked with design studio Envary to bring new life to the evolved technologies the brand would include in its upcoming dispensing and water filter products. A consistent, trustful and scientifically infused product identity was the best approach for the renown brand to win over more users to buy into its enhanced products.

Recognising Angel’s urge to establish a greater share in the extremely competitive market by smartly emphasising the firm’s refreshed brand identity, Envary systematically explored, de-constructed and unraveled the complexities of various design application opportunities. With the obstacle of massively differing form factors, proportions and structures of the various products, Envary had to ensure that both ends were met, creating a product design identity that would not just help to universally express the brands refreshed positioning, but also evolving meaningful functional design improvements. By literally providing better value to users Angel could build its brand more credibly with greater chances for success. In order to make the product-user interaction more effective, versatile and easy, Envary had to build an identity that would foster a better experience.

Therefore, the team iteratively developed a set of aesthetic (including CMF) and functional product design guidelines, which could be easily adapted and evolved over the turn of the years (and trends). Over the course of the project Envary worked in close collaboration with various teams of the client, evolving the identity-centric design details piece by piece while applying these elements onto different aesthetic levels of the product design. To that end the work was not complete, but had to be refined, tested and optimised.

To this point the product identity is being refined (work in progress). As soon as the guidelines are complete, more contents will be showcased here.