For Vodafone’s 2016 enhanced line-up of smart devices such as its Smart 7 family Envary developed an enticing CMF appearance in several color-finish options competitively matching the likes of Samsung and Huawei. With the rhombus (or ISO cubes) inspired in-mold micro-patterns we achieved a delicate multi-layered surface sheen that smoothly flips when the user’s viewpoint changes. Under the cut-throat conditions of a increasingly crowded low-price market field, Vodafone’s “up-targeting” of smart devices motivated Envary to go the extra-mile, delivering CMF options and a level of technological integration that is elegantly supporting contemporary-casual, formal and professional user outfits.

Taking reference to the premium-targeted flagship phone Smart Platinum 7, the device’s subtly shimmering surface pattern is printed with OCVM and is covered with a scratch-resistant layer of thin glass, also boasting an nuancefully integrated Vodafone logo on its rear surface. The interplay of sparkling patterns is sleekly framed by a dual-chamfered bezel, whose polished edge-surfaces produce contrasty highlights adding to the device’s up-scaled value characteristics. Its delicately pronounced, aluminium-anodised camera bezel uses similar aesthetic features, yet further pushing the phone’s style towards business users. Tangibly improving the haptic feel, Envary also ingrained a lightly roughened knurl pattern into the thin button surfaces. The jet-black beauty has a finger print sensor and is currently Vodafone’s top of the line device.

Other devices such as Vodafone’s main seller Smart Prime 7 with its rose gold + white CMF emphasise a younger look, using bolder geometric patterns, which is embedded into the snow-silver coloured back, producing a silk-quality sheen and adaptively reflecting contrast lines.

The Smart Ultra 7 boasts more contemporary-classic aesthetic qualities with its chrome-silver lined body and more technical looking pattern contrasts.

All devices were launched in May 2016 and are available worldwide.