When we envision brands to be great, we first think of delightful products. To leverage brands competitive strengths, we holistically rethink the relationship of people and brand from a strategic product perspective: Considering consumers as agile brand-participants, driven by emotional and rational desires that are fulfilled by well designed products or services. Furthermore, it is vital for us to understand the layers of human interaction in detail in order to develop products that delight people and enhance our client's business. We clarify these layers, and integrate essential touch points of the user journey into the product design, thus developing products that create excitement and desirable experiences.

Product Design
Designing products for users as human beings and bringing the physical function of products to an emotional level
Brand Strategy
Understanding the cultural implications between brand and user in context to the desires of markets in Europe and Asia
Visual Communication and Marketing
Finding the right communication approach and compelling narratives for the fast paced challenges and complexities of the 21st century

Put in a nutshell, products are the front lines of brands. Envary’s most important maxim: Products designed relevantly to the user experience, drive positive brand perception and create incitement. We understand that bringing a product to life is a multi-layered puzzle. That’s why we work on many facets: From early ideation, translation of insights into strategies and creation of tangible design concepts, we develop products that generate emotional pull and ignite desire in people.

  • Product Design Ideation
  • Product Design Development
  • Vision Work & Innovation Crafting
  • Experience & Interaction Design
Brands are the souls between users and products. They function as story-tellers and worlds of belief, appealing to hearts and minds. Envary helps clients to understand what their brand is, and shows them what it could be. We fuel brand differentiation by shaping brand strategy through market research on sociological needs and technological trends, identifying relevant points of view, and gaining insights through user profiling. We put brands on the touchpoints that really matter to people.

  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Development
  • Brand Remodelling
  • Brand Articulation & Naming
Engaging communication brings products and brands to life. It wraps meaning with excitement and builds bridges of emotions. That doesn’t just break the ice, but generates deeper fascination. In fact, we believe that communication should be used to charge the space between brand and users with fascination. We help brands to articulate their messages with finely crafted graphic design and story-telling across different channels, turning all communication into a part of the user journey.

  • Graphic Design: Digital & Print
  • Packaging Design
  • Identity Design
  • Information Architecture