Tosen Caps: Website

Empowering the fashion newcomer's e-commerce ambitions with an easy-to-use web shop

In our previous collaboration to develop the startup’s business as well as designing its brand identity, packaging and product, Tosen soon required a full-fledged ecommerce platform to launch its caps globally. Not having many retail opportunities at hand proved to be an extra challenge for the product launch due to customers not being able to fit the caps online. To that end the web shop had to showcase plenty of product angles and provide explicit information of sizes, quality aspects and specific design features such as leather textures or lining patterns.

What we didEnvary initially explored solutions to address typical challenges such as global payments, customer management, maximum automation of logistics and warehousing, inventory and sales management. Also clarifying potential costs of running an e-commerce business, we determined possible issues upfront that would cause trouble during the website’s technical development. To that extend we developed the shop’s visual look, designed a visual system for users to differentiate the various cap types and ensured the platform would work seamlessly on most mobile devices. We tackled web design, product visualisation and development of the fashion label’s online shop at from A to Z.

The shop launched in September 2016.

Visit Tosen’s online shop at:

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