Layer LCD wrist watch concept

Layer is a stylish wrist watch that houses 3x synchronised LCD layers showing time in 3D elevated positions

Wristwatch manufacturer Zerone faced a decline of its digital watch sales. Envary was commissioned to develop an innovative LCD-watch creating distinctive excitement within the market. The main challenges: Discovering different methods of using Zerone’s newly patented 3-layered LCD display, in which each LCD layer can show a fragment of the displayed information.
With the overly thick internal display module, we had to overcome the size challenge by addressing the design in a unique way, basically turning the disadvantage of overly large components into its own techy style.

What we didGoing through a broad ideation in which classic and new form factors were explored, the insight was becoming more clear: the multi-layered display and its voluminous size would only work with younger audiences, thus the design concept infused aesthetics of popular club culture, including the blinking TRON-esque looks of mixers, drum machines and samplers.

Envary also designed the display typography, developing a segmented typographic system that could fully utilize the synchronised LCD-layers to show time in various effects and elevations.

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