Airmate: Ceramic heater

“Ascendo” embodies a fusion of contrasting elements: Heat and Water. The combined heater and humidifier avoids stuffy noses from dry air

Airmate’s “Ascendo” heater embodies 2 in1, combing heating and humidification. Preventing dry air and stuffy noses the heater had to be developed from the ground up, allowing our team to come up with plenty of fresh design ideas. With ‘Ascendo’s’ slightly higher price slot it was also possible to propose a more sophisticated parts architecture, neatly conveying its additional function.

What we did: Inspired by the fusion of functions, we targeted the design ideation to merge the contrasting elements of heat and water into a rather elegant form factor with subtle cues of its hybrid functionality. The form concept wraps its almost monolithic body shape into an ascending, soft-curved top that elegantly accentuates the object’s timeless elegance.

  • Product design
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