CooKoo Wearables: Bluetooth Smart Watch

Hooked up to the smartphone the cookoo watch is a helpful buddy notifying users about all types of incoming calls or messages

With the smart wearables market gaining worldwide attention, the team of ConnecteDevice started the development of its first wearable in 2012. Aiming for a memorable look that would be recognised instantly, the Hong Kong Startup commissioned us to design logo, wrist watch, clock face and packaging consistently, all visually speaking with one voice.

Additionally, Cookoo’s app required significant UX refinements to become practical and user-friendly. We helped the team to better understand the possibilities and unlocked opportunities of their product, exploring how the UX touch-points of the connected watch-app ecosystem could be improved and all major pain-points fixed.

What we didOur team went through dozens of user experience scenarios from finding a car on a mall’s half mile long parking space, daily commuting or when hiking with friends in remote locations, identifying the most relevant touch-points and analysing prevalent pain-points of Cookoo’s current app.

All findings gathered, we took on app and watch design as well as the brand communication to develop a consistent product experience. To enhance Cookoo’s retail appeal, we also created a compelling packaging easy to be stacked in diverse color combinations, hence attracting attention in pop-up stores while highlighting the innovative character of the Bluetooth watch.

Envary’s team also helped to create a better sales pitch, enhancing Cookoo’s communication to nail a sales deal with Apple Retail.

  • Branding
  • CMF
  • Packaging
  • Product design
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