KT Olleh: Portable and home WiFi product family

Inspired by South Korea's volcanic island Jeju we created a fresh look of KT olleh's digital home series of WiFi products

Korea’s communications carrier KT Olleh planned to launch a new range of mobility-driven WiFi products, enabling customers to enjoy its WiFi services anywhere at home and on the road. With its new branding identity ready to launch Envary was tasked to explore a brand-driven design language of Olleh’s new Wifi Router, WiFi egg, DECT phone and tablet products in order to boost the brand’s cutting-edge technology reputation.

What we didWe laid particular emphasis on meaningfully fusing the design narrative of KT Olleh’s brand guidelines as well as visually ingraining Korea’s iconic volcano island Jeju into the design language. After ideating dozens of form and CMF concepts, we finally concluded the design into a red layered base with light-blue top, using a slightly tapered form factor that would memorably resemble the peninsula’s scenic areas in the volcanic South.

  • Branding
  • CMF
  • Product design
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