Envary: Moebius Steel Wireframe Chair

The Moebius cantilever chair for indoor and outdoor use is made from an intricate system of welded steel wires interlinked in progressive increments

“Moebius” is a cantilevered chair designed by Envary for indoor and outdoor use, iconically attributing its steel frame structure to the idea of a weightless appearance.  One can sit in 2 directions, not having to give up either back or arm rest. Made from differently sized and bent steel wires. The chair’s floating design involves a double frame construction that re-materialises as an array of directional gradients. Set in a gradual arrangement the chair’s thin wires visually shape the seating, arm and back rest areas, creating a rhythmic fluctuation of line patterns.  In partial hindsight to classics such as Harry Bertoia’s Diamond Chair or Niels Gammelgaard lightweight wire chairs, the “Moebius” is pushing beyond what’s classically feasible in wire frame constructions, also establishing an aesthetic-functional juxtaposition.

What we did: Emphasising the double frame construction even further we ideated various color and CMF interplays, concluding that a duality of vibrant color contrasts is ideal to emphasise the design’s playful nature. Being restricted to outdoor-suitable powder coating hues, unusual combinations would provide ample opportunity to establish more vibrance to the otherwise muted paint colors used for outdoor or street furniture. The spatial arrangement of various “Moebius Chairs” in distinctive hues works ideally to create energetic looking visualscapes, manifesting a certain resemblance to northern European utilitarianism and more eccentric designs of the Modernist period.

  • CMF
  • Product design
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