Coca Cola: RPET-made recycling bin

Made of recycled PET bottles the Coke Refresh is a light-weight bin that is easy to place around festivals, fairs, malls or shops.

The environmentally friendly made Coca Cola refresh bin provides a highly portable and sustainable way to collect Coca Cola PET bottles on concerts, pop up events and other temporary venues. Considering the large consumption of Coca Cola beverages in PET bottles on event venues, plenty of bottles were usually dumped into general waste bins. Aiming to recover more recyclable PET bottles Coca Cola wanted to give a clear message about the brands’s commitment to sustainability, further promoting recycling to the public. Entirely made from post-consumer recycled PET bottles and placed in high traffic areas the eco-friendly design would perfectly demonstrate the possibilities of re-using recycled materials.

What we didFirst exploring various structural concepts the ideation phase pointed pretty early on into a direction of sustainable RPET pieces shaped into flat sheets that could be assembled on site (at the venues). Reducing the spatial footprint to transport dozens of these, the bins would even more lower the associated carbon footprint. Developed as a light-weight construction the plastic sheets can be easily wrapped and interlocked into their cylindrical shape by any person. After events organisers would simply disassemble the bins for re-use and storage, or put the bins back into the recycling chain. Made by Envary’s Roger Kellenberger while at Fuse Project the Coke Refresh Recycling Bin was acclaimed with more than 5 international design awards.

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